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Design adds value faster than it adds costs

In the world of design, the quote “Design adds value faster than it adds costs” is a popular mantra. It speaks to the importance of investing in good design, as it can bring benefits that far outweigh the initial costs. At PR Design Build, we understand the value of good design and prioritize it in every project we undertake.

When we talk about design adding value faster than it adds costs, we mean that the benefits of good design can often be seen immediately. For example, a well-designed layout can enhance the flow of your home, making it easier to navigate and use. A kitchen remodel that maximizes storage and improves the work triangle can make cooking and entertaining a breeze. Similarly, an addition that includes a mudroom or a designated space for a home office can make everyday life more manageable.

​These benefits can translate into increased enjoyment of the space and a higher return on investment. In this sense, good design can pay for itself in the long run.

Good design is essential not only for the final product but also for the construction process itself. This is where the design-build approach comes in. After an initial consultation, the next step in Our Process is the Design Phase. Here, we can identify potential issues and address them before construction begins, saving time and money down the line, as problems caught early are easier and cheaper to fix. Additionally, the close collaboration between design and construction teams ensures that the final product is well-executed and fulfills our clients’ needs.

The benefits of good design continue beyond the immediate value it adds to a project. It can also have long-lasting effects on the people who use the space, promoting sustainability, safety, inclusivity, and well-being.

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